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Natura-tec Argan Massage Candle Wax

Natural Waxes

Melting point 42 – 47°C

The candle light creates a relaxing atmosphere. Once melted, these candles generate a lukewarm liquid oil that helps the spreadability during the massage. Due to its low melting point the product can be poured directly onto the skin.

The richness of used oils allows simultaneously to relax and to hydrate the skin.

Natura-tec Olive Massage Candle Wax

Natural Waxes

Natura-tec Sweet Almond Massage Candle Wax

Natural Waxes




Natura-tec White Beeswax

Natural Beeswax

Drop point : 61-66°C

Beeswax is characterized by two principal properties : a visco-elastic behavior and a high compatibility with other oils and waxes that can be translated as a “chemical attraction”. Easy to use, Beeswax brings softness and shine in all types of formulation.

Beeswax is also wellknown for its substantivity and its non occlusive, non allergic properties.

Natura-tec Yellow Beeswax

Natural Beeswax

Synthetic Beeswax

Synthetic Beeswax

Natura-tec Carnauba WaxT1

Natural Wax

Melting point 80-88°C

Carnauba Wax is the hardest natural wax available. Carnauba wax can produce a glossy finish and is hypoallergenic

Natura-tec Carnauba WaxT3

Natural Wax

Natura-tec Candelilla Wax

Natural Wax

Drop point 73 – 76°C

Creates a thin protective film on the skin that allows an important hydration of the epidermis.

Ideal factor of consistency for anhydrous systems

Natura-tec Rice Bran Wax

Natural Wax

Melting point 78 – 81°C

High melting point vegetable wax

Produces a silky, non tacky feeling on the skin and improves the spreadability of finished products

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