September 2013, Personal Care

Today’s formulators face challenges posed by a consumer market which has become increasingly conscious of social, economic, technical and ethical issues regarding all aspects of modern life, including those relating to the use and manufacture of finished goods such as cosmetics. The expectations regarding environmental compatibility, sustainability, origins and safety of products are well known within the industry. If we combine this with quality assurance requirements such as traceability and consistency, while also ensuring compliance with international regulations and legislation, whether this  actually refers to ingredients or to finished products, developing new personal care formulations in our modern times is by all accounts no mean feat.

All this has stimulated in recent years a mounting quest for alternatives to synthetic or responsibly extracted, derived or manufactured from natural sources.

Natura-tec Plantsil, an ester complex from olive origin, is a unique sensorial agent designed to be used as a vegetable based alternative to silicone. It mimics perfectly the feel of silicones thanks to its balanced formulation of natural derived ingredients. It is a highly stable, almost odourless transparent fluid oil. It imparts a light and soft touch and leaves a dry after feel on skin and hair with an appealing elegant touch.

Natura-tec Abysoft, a triglyceride ester of phytosterols, is an MPE or Multifunctional Performance Enhancing active that combines the benefits of Crambe abyssinica oil with the bio-availability of phytosterols. Based on long chain triglycerides the ingredient presents a unique molecular structure. It contains long chain fatty acids and is concentrated in C22:1 fatty acids, making it highly resistant to oxidation. Due to its high molecular weight, it is also more stable against heat.

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