September 2013, Personal Care

Emulsion formulations are a fundamental product type which can be adapted to numerous cosmetic applications, from skin care to makeup, hair care and personal washing. Although cosmetic technology has progressed significantly since the early days of the basic cream or pomade produced in ancient Roman times, modern market and formulating trends are driving the industry towards solutions and ideas which rely on extracting, purifying and utilising the benefits of  natural ingredients rather than modifying their structure or characteristics substantially via chemical synthesis.

This ‘back to nature’ or ‘back to the future’ approach to personal care manufacture and development is driven by strong  consumer demand for products that are safe, environmentally friendly and are able to provide the advantages of natural ingredients. All this needs to be achieved without compromising the performance that consumers have become accustomed to and, possibly, delivering added benefits. Within this scenario, among the various ingredient categories, emulsifiers represent a particular challenge. They are essential to formulations in order to guarantee stability, generate an effective system and support the sensorial profile of the finished product.

Within this context, Natura-tec has developed three main types of emulsifier which, depending on individual behaviour, are capable of covering a wide range of viscosities for the manufacture of a diverse selection of finished personal care products. Each product is capable of producing different and desirable sensorial profiles, appearance and application characteristics combined with added benefits in terms of enhanced formulation performance.

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